Gym Based Boxing

Gym Based Boxing (GBB) circuits …….

organised by Rob who has has a long term interest in exercise not just for fitness but also for general health and well-being and as a way of helping to overcome personal life challenges. Rob believes that being fit has holistic benefits. He understands the personal challenges many people face through life and sees exercise and the resulting increased fitness and endorphin rush as important for personal resilience. He thrives on helping others to achieve their goals. His own experience of physio in the gym has helped him in his everyday life providing not just functional fitness but also the benefits gained from being part of a supportive group, meeting like minded people, having fun and building friendships. 

Rob also works in Cinderford and Chepstow as part of a team providing coaching sessions for clients. He enjoys developing his own knowledge of how to help people meet their individual needs and seeing them achieve their own goals is his main goal.


  • Level 2 Training Rooms certification in exercise health and wellbeing
  • Level 3   First aid at work requalifying every 3 years
  • Level 3 Personal Training in progress….one more exam to go mid February 2019!!
  • CPD: Metabolic circuit training. Gym based boxing

Expectations: All Rob expects from clients is to run their own race and enjoy it and see personal progress

What Will You do in Class?

Energetic aerobic warm up session, concentrating on all major muscles on the circuit provided. There are about 12 stations set up and all are mixed abilities. Example stations are………….

Star jumps — Shuttle sprints — Dead lift (bent & straight leg) — Battle ropes

Bar bell squats — Medicine balls — Dumb bells — Kettle bell

Boxing agility: Coordination – proprioception – balance – speed – reaction

Floor work: Sit ups, abdominal rolling, press ups………

Use of fitness bands: Triceps extensions, paired resistant work, upper body strength

1st session2nd session3rd session
(before main class)
Stations explained
Tutorial given to
establish own level
Induction:  (before main class)
Stations explained
Tutorial given to establish own level
Consolidate learning
Monitoring to ensure confidence in performing activities
Enjoy the experience and……

What To Wear and Bring

Comfortable clothing e.g. shorts or jogging bottoms, good fitted T shirt (not too baggy)

Trainers (ideal to change into, from wearing out door shoes)

Drinks bottle for hydration during class (water available on site)


Times:   20:00 to 21:00                                      Cost:       £6 per session per person


We do have a responsibility for our own health and safety and others.  So within the class clients are expected to perform exercises with the correct technique and appropriate force, assistance is on hand throughout the class.

Before undertaking any form of exercise programme please seek GP consent before hand.

When Not to Attend a Fitness Class: Under the influence of alcohol or recreational substances. Any conditions advised by your GP

Age:16 and above welcome, however, children under 12 must be accompanied by parent or guardian


Phone: 07779 072559               email:           Facebook:  gbbcircuits

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