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These classes are by Vikki Scovell, who has been working in the fitness industry for 16 years, teaching in Monmouth for ten of those and also leading Yoga & Pilates in Welsh Newton for the last six years.

The classes are a relaxed take on Pilates and Yoga. I like to think of them as more of a community than just a class; they are certainly places where many friendships have begun and are nurtured. We will have space and time for tea and a natter after class should you wish to linger for some local gossip…..

If you come to class you will need a Yoga mat (I have a couple spare if you haven’t bought one yet), a drink, and loose comfortable clothing with a t-shirt which is fitted or tucks in. We work-out in bare feet but you could wear trainers if you prefer.

I run the class as a continuous exercise-to-music style class, so I do not come around moving people about or correcting them; I find that people learn organically through observation and repetition.

What should you expect to gain from these classes? In the short-term you should find your fluidity of movement improves, making every-day tasks easier. Your flexibility will increase, meaning that you have more freedom of movement and you will gain some strength in your core, so supporting your spine and improving your posture. Long-term we hope to keep our spine and joints healthy and mobileto minimize aches, pains and injuries, ensuring a quality & independent lifestyle as we age(and this process can be invested in at any age-point in life).

I would also expect you to gain greater confidence in your body; the way you hold yourself, the way you move and in your ability to learn and conqueror new skills.

Tuesdays 9:15am Pilates (Chillates)A chilled-out and less-formal take on Pilates, this class is designed to improve posture, core strength, flexibility and quality of movement using ideas from Fitness, Ballet, Yoga and Pilates set to relaxing music.
Thursdays 9:15am Yoga FlowThis Yoga class will take you through traditional postures and flowing asanas set to uplifting music, to develop grace of movement, increased flexibility and improved body confidence. The class concentrates on the physical benefits of yoga practice, but will incorporate a little relaxation and breath-work too.

You can attend either of the classes if you pay for one course (in case you miss one or your schedule changes), or you will find the two together are perfectly complimentary and will bring you wonderful results faster.

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Contact Vikki Scovell to find to more…. 07792 896230

Some words from my class:

“Very friendly class which caters for all abilities.Vikki takes a light hearted and entertaining approach to the serious business of getting fitter.Best of luck with it! Charles”

“Having been attending Vikki’s Yoga and Pilates for nearly 18 months, the change in both my body and minds shape is incredibly noticeable, the classes are fun and friendly and I always come away perfectly set up to face my day. Denise”

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