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About the Hall

Building features

  • Designed to Passivhaus standard

  • Solar panels

  • a Swedish MVHR (mechanical ventilation & heat recovery) system using temperature and CO2 monitoring.

  • Integrated fire alarm

Some of the technical features of the building are discussed by the architects Simmonds Mills on their website here


Equipment at the hall

Any equipment listed below is included in the hire fee


fridge, dishwasher, water boiler, coffee maker, drinks fridge


turbofan oven, microwave, mini oven, 2 sinks, hob, commercial size fridge & freezer, dishwasher


Chairs                                             100+

Tables                                             11 large, 3 small (main hall), 6 small tables (café)


Mugs                                                120+

Electric kettles                                3

Wine glasses                                   about 50

Large plates                                    130+ 

Tea plates                                        about 90

Tumblers                                         about 60

Plastic beakers                               50+

Burco water boiler                         1

Large metal insulated jugs           2

Bowls                                               about 50

Cups and saucers                          48

Jugs                                                  40

Metal teapots                                 5

Cafetières                                        3

Metal serving trays/dishes           about 20 (assorted sizes)

Cutlery                                             LOTS!

Wooden and plastic cutlery         LOTS!

Tablecloths (coloured)                  about 20

Large insulated soup tureens      2

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